Oak Is Back!

Oak Is Back!

Forget that orange oak with honey stain! Today’s oak-inspired woodgrain laminates offer a full palette of beautiful looks ideal for defining modern home and commercial spaces.

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It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at Oak

When you hear the word ‘oak,’ your mind might flash to the orange-tinted wood with strong graining that graced many a cabinet door in the 1980s and 1990s. You may even be suffering from golden oak fatigue. You’re not alone. It was a true staple due to its strength and availability.

Newer, lighter shades of oak as well as gray and black selections are now making inroads in North America. With them you’ll also find many other interesting iterations of this trusty wood in the form of oak woodgrain laminate. This highly durable, affordable surface features the natural look of wood in a variety of textures. Woodgrain options also offer notable design versatility and exceptional color stability, as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Now we can confidently say: Oak is officially back, baby!

Let’s take a look at the variety of oak woodgrain laminates ready to elevate your next project.

Contemporary Gray and Black Oaks

Gray woodgrain laminates, such as Grayed Oak and Umbra Oak, offer a neutral backdrop that works well with both warm and cool accent colors. Silver Oak Herringbone works nicely as an accent pattern, particularly for backsplashes. The oxidized look of Inked Oak is reminiscent of blackened woods and adds intrigue for countertops and cabinetry in black and white design concepts as well as moody interiors with other deep hues. For spaces with existing golden oak woodwork that needs to be preserved for budgetary reasons, incorporating any of these options for tables or countertops can modernize the space without the expense of a complete renovation.

Planked Oaks

The Planked Oak series offers a fresh, sophisticated take on a timeless woodgrain. The inspiration for this series was reclaimed Hawaiian wood that had mellowed over time with sun exposure. With their subtle graining, the Planked Oaks are simple and functional with minimalist appeal. Planked Raw Oak works well for light, Scandinavian designs while Planked Urban Oak and Planked Coffee Oak offer rich backdrops for more earthy palettes. These also work nicely in industrial interiors that blend bold metallic fixtures with light, neutral paint colors.

Classic Oaks

Natural Oak and Finnish Oak have anchored the Formica® Laminate Woodgrain Collection for years due to their neutral shades and design flexibility, particularly for furniture. Both of these patterns, in addition to the newer Millennium Oak, pair well with nature-inspired, biophilic design concepts that blend natural elements and colors to create welcoming, sustainable spaces.

Colorstyled Oaks

With digital scanning and coloring capabilities, it’s possible to create unique woodgrain looks not available with real wood. Oak Fiberwood is a reclaimed teakwood styled in oak colors for true sustainability. Likewise, Ashwood Oak blends the beauty of both ash and oak to offer a soft, neutral shade for warm interiors.

A Casual, Unique Oak

The dark-brown stained appearance of Tula Oak features a random-match layout and cathedrals. It’s reminiscent of more exotic, expensive woods but offers the durability and color stability of woodgrain laminate. This rich color makes an elegant statement perfect for vintage and contemporary designs alike.

Explore the Full Formica® Woodgrain Laminate Collection

In addition to oak woodgrains, Formica® Laminate is available in shades of ash, elm, cherry, walnut and more. View the full range of commercial and residential patterns available. 

Inspired Oak in Residential and Commercial Settings

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