Metals in Hospitality: Five Design Trends

It’s the subtle touches in a hospitality space that make a visit memorable.

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Although hotels and other venues increasingly look to add home-inspired details and comforts, they also represent an aspirational design aesthetic for guests wishing to up the ante in the look of their own homes.

Incorporating metals is one way for designers to define and elevate their creations in hospitality. Today’s wide spectrum of metallic elements adds intrigue and interest from lobbies and reception areas to guest rooms, bars and more. Designers can opt for metals to invoke an industrial vibe, a luxe retreat or rustic elegance. 

What’s New and Now
This year, metals are making even more of a statement as evidenced by showcases at trend-forward design shows around the world. Here’s our take on what’s new and notable. 

Trend 1: Capturing a Moment in Time

A true metal set in a natural environment changes over time, developing an intriguing verdigris or patina that highlights its age. Metal elements in design can capture and replicate a variety of interesting looks. This preservation of a metallic moment in time is inspiring designs in many guest spaces and gives a nod to the maker movement and its roots in true craftsmanship.

Trend 2: Large-Scale Patterns and Geometrics

Metals with texture and dramatic elements are becoming important statement pieces in hospitality spaces with marquee brands intent on making their mark through design leadership. Particularly for feature walls or ceilings used as focal points, the interplay of light and texture can add wow factor and a fresh take on throwback glamour.

Trend 3: Instagram-Worthy Spaces

Instagram aficionados increasingly see today’s dynamic and memorable hospitality spaces as places to see and be seen. Metallics play an integral role in defining venues that people want to experience and share on social media.

Elevator sign M4511 Aluminum Crush II DecoMetal

Trend 4: The Move to Matte

Although many residential spaces have trended toward soft greys and lighter tones in recent years, hospitality has always had a wide berth to venture into moody and pensive palettes. There is a definitive shift toward matte finishes, and the use of metals in gray matte is exploding. This texture adds softness and simplicity to any space.

Trend 5: Mixed Metals

The old rules of picking one metal and sticking with it are gone, as designers now combine antique and modern tones of bronze gold, rose gold, and matte gray powder-coated metallics in a single view. When it comes to using metals in design, the rules are meant to be broken!

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