Innovations in Edgebanding

Innovations in Edgebanding


Edgebanding: The Finishing Touch

As every furniture manufacturer and fabricator knows, having a poor Edgeband detracts from the finished piece—and from the beauty of the Formica® Laminate surface. Luckily, the machinery and technology that make Edgebanding possible have evolved, making a seamless edge possible for furniture, casework, shelving, cabinetry and other millwork.

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New Edgebanding Technology Is Here

Traditional Edgeband application required a hot melt adhesive stored in a ‘glue pot.’  This approach resulted in varying levels of sophistication for the seams of the final product. It hinged on the skill of the operator in creating a good seal between the Edgeband and the item. With new ‘zero-joint’ Edgebanding, the combination of a laser and hot air bypasses the need for adhesive to create the tightest seal possible.

“Zero-joint Edgebanding marries function and design. The technology we have today enables us to elevate the overall product to a seamless, polished look that wasn’t possible in the past.”
Jesse Collins, Marketing Manager, Furniture Solutions, REHAU Industries LLC

The Benefits of Zero-Joint Edgebanding

Design: Today’s millwork requires tight tolerances to create a finished design with notable benefits. Zero-joint Edgebanding paired with Formica Group’s wide variety of patterns and matching Edgebanding options eliminates unsightly seamlines on the edges of tables and other projects. This results in a high-end appearance. 

Efficiency: Zero-joint Edgebanding creates a uniform side without a lot of time-consuming cuts. This is possible by matching the functional layer of the item to the Edgeband for a homogenous, seamless joint. This process is far more efficient (and tidy) for Edgeband equipment operators, enabling them to work through projects faster than ever before. 

Quality: Zero-edge technology pairs perfectly with Formica® Brand high pressure laminate to create a beautiful, virtually seamless look for furniture and other objects. These feature precise color matches and an exceptionally tight seal that extends the life of the piece both functionally and aesthetically.

Hygienic: Having a tight seal between the Edgeband and the Formica® Laminate surface delivers moisture resistance and the ability to fend off dirt and bacteria, resulting in a more hygienic product that is easy to clean.

Trends in Edgebanding

While many designers opt for color synchronicity between an Edgeband and the Formica® Laminate surface, others are mixing and matching Edgebanding and laminate selections to create a distinct line and eye-catching contrast. Even DecoMetal® Laminates and Solid Metals can have a seamless edge and continuous sheen with zero-joint Edgebanding technology.

Formica Corporation’s Edgebanding Partners

We partner with the leading suppliers of Edgebanding in North America, REHAU and Doellken to give you flexibility in carrying out your projects with today’s trends in mind.  

Explore our Edgeband and 3D Laminate Cross Reference Guide to learn about the latest product offerings in the Edgeband and 3D laminate industries. 

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