Create a Home Office That Really Works

With many of us working from home these days, the time is right to update your office or establish a brand-new workspace that helps you get inspired.

Home office with Formica® Laminate 7405-34 Istanbul Marble desktop with notebook and chair

Working from home has become the new norm for a lot of people. So why not make the most of it and rethink or touch up your home office? Spending some time to make your workspace an inviting, well-functioning spot is well worth the trouble so you can be comfortable and productive while working remotely.

Whether you use a preformed Formica® Laminate countertop from your local home center store, refinish an existing table, or reimagine a space from the ground up, here’s a rundown of ideas to help you get started.

7403-11 Nero Marquina desk with 949C-58 White shelving and sliding drawers in living room office

Encourage Wall-to-Wall Productivity

You can take over a wall in your living room, den or bedroom with a wall-to-wall office concept that makes a statement. Here’s a great example of combining a Formica® Laminate top in 7403-11 Nero Marquina with 949C-58 White shelving for ample storage and display.

Desk with 7407-34 Marmara Gray Formica® Laminate surface

Give Old Furniture a New Role

If you’ve got an old table or desk gathering dust, refurbish it with a new hard-working laminate top to give it new life. This desk in 7407-34 Marmara Gray makes a classy statement and can tuck nicely into a corner.

Corner desk with 7403-11 Nero Marquina countertops and white drawers

Establish the New Corner Office

Built-in counter and drawer space could be just the thing for your at-home workdays. This could be created as a dedicated office or as an extension of a kitchen countertop as shown here in 7403-11 Nero Marquina.

Woman at wall desk with Formica® Writable Surfaces in 9541-90 Happy Words against 9524-NG Umbra Oak closet doors

Explore Writable Surfaces

Whether you’re brainstorming before a big meeting or jotting down your to-do list, Formica® Writable Surfaces, shown here in 9541-90 Happy Words, are perfect for capturing your thoughts.

Woman sitting at desk in craft room with 7412-PG Planked Raw Oak countertops

Get Crafty

If you have an existing craft room, it can definitely double as a home office for multiple members of your family. 7412-PG Planked Raw Oak incorporates the lightness of Scandinavian design concepts and makes a statement on desktops and shelving.

Laptop on desk with 527-34 Black Shalestone top against Formica® Writable Surfaces wall in 6907-90 Amarena

Welcome Office Drama

Forget boring office beige and explore the full color spectrum! This Formica® Writable Surfaces wall in 6907-90 Amarena lets you move away from your computer screen to explore your creativity. Think storyboards, outlines, notes and more on a vibrant markerboard surface set against a desk in 9527-34 Black Shalestone.

Small desk with 3518-58 Flint Crystall top and cabinetry

Employ a Space-Saving Desk

Find some stock cabinets or shelving and create a beautiful 3518-58 Flint Crystall desk surface in a bedroom, kitchen or mudroom. You could even fit this gem in the entryway of an apartment if you’re short on space.

Kitchen desk with 6209 Prestige Walnut countertop, computer and pinboard

Cook Up a Kitchen Desk

As kitchens are often today’s default command centers, spiff up your office nook with a sleek top, shown here in 6209 Prestige Walnut.

Black and white laminate desk with 5019-34 Black Bardiglio surface holds photos and paintings against 6903-90 Cassis

Maximize Odd Angles

If you have a bonus room, attic or even space under your stairs with an angled ceiling that makes layouts tricky, get creative! This 5019-34 Black Bardiglio desktop rests on trestle legs for storage (a great furniture hack!) and sits against a 6903-90 Cassis markerboard wall ready to capture ideas.

Girl sitting at desk with Formica® Laminate in 3526 Travertine

Embrace a Small Space 

If you have extra space in your butler’s pantry or laundry room, it could be ideal for a new workstation, like this one shown in 3526 Travertine. With a warm, welcoming space, your kids may apply to become your coworkers during their home learning days!

Father and daughter in garage with 8915-NG Walnut Fiberwood cabinets and 9313-90 ImagiGrid markerboard

Think Outside the House

When all else fails, you can set up shop in the garage or even an outdoor shed! Pairing 8915-NG Walnut Fiberwood cabinets with Formica® Writable Surfaces in 9313-90 ImagiGrid yields storage space with an interactive element.


Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Once you’ve got the desk component of your new workspace down, find a comfortable chair and evaluate the overall ergonomics. Pay attention to lighting and storage, and add some personal touches and plants to make it welcoming. Your home office should be somewhere you’d really like to be!

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