Rübik Design creates a colorful, unique design for Le Comptoir Sushi à la Maison Chicoutimi

Rübik Design creates a colorful, unique design for Le Comptoir Sushi à la Maison Chicoutimi

Rübik Design entirely designed and planned Le Comptoir Sushi à la Maison Chicoutimi, which opened in 2022.

Rubik Design 180fx Classis Crystal Granite countertop

The restaurant's concept was unique and creative, so the space had to retain its essence to offer customers a fabulous experience from the moment they entered the premises.

The project team's brief included creating an organic, colorful environment that would also be easy to maintain, as cleanliness is crucial in the restaurant business. The team built the design around the checkout counter and added touches of color with paint, plants and accessories.

180fx® laminate in Classic Crystal Granite with the Artisan™ texture (9284-43) was chosen for the checkout counter to create a natural stone effect and the impression of an imposing continuous block. With this laminate, curves could be perfectly fitted, creating a very realistic stone effect at a very low cost. Formica Group's 180fx® range was chosen because it offers hyperrealistic wood and stone designs with designs that repeat every four feet, unlike traditional laminates that repeat more often. Thanks to this property, the natural stone effect was increased tenfold, particularly given the large scale of the counter.

Rubik Design 180fx Classic Crystal Granite front desk

Laminate was used not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability. Given that this is a food service counter that sees a lot of traffic and wear and is subject to regular washing, durability was paramount.

Since the chosen location was a former café, some elements, such as the floor, were still in good condition and had to be retained in the design. Therefore, Rübik Design had to get creative to come up with an innovative approach that would incorporate these elements.

Rubik Design 180fx Classic Crystal Granite reception

"Our goal was to create a unique, colorful and easy-to-maintain space where customers would be transported into the authentic culinary world of Le Comptoir Sushi à la Maison as soon as they arrived. Formica® products played a crucial role in achieving this vision by allowing us to combine elegance, functionality and authenticity in every detail of the design," says Sophie Roy, designer and owner of Rübik Design.

Rübik Design also had the pleasure of designing the chain's other branches in Rimouski, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Sept-Îles and Blainville.

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