OTG, Philadelphia Airport and Daroff Design

Overview of Project:

The Philadelphia International Airport saw roughly 81,000 travelers per day in 2017. For airport hospitality firm OTG and design partner Daroff Design, that’s 81,000 daily opportunities to deliver a positive shopping, dining and traveling experience.

But for anyone who has shopped or dined in an airport, you’ll realize there are special considerations that must be kept in mind from a design standpoint.

“First and foremost, you are working in extremely high traffic areas with passengers constantly bumping into shelves with their luggage, so the surfaces must be incredibly durable and impact resistant,” said Louis Iannone, Interior Designer with Daroff Design. “And on top of that, they are typically in a hurry, so you need a material that will serve as great display shelving to quickly grab the traveler’s attention.” 

Keeping those challenges in mind, Iannone turned to Formica ColorCore®2 Laminate for recent projects at Love Grille, Mezzogiorno, NooBar and other shops in Terminal B at the Philadelphia International Airport.

“We actually had another product specified, but after testing it against the Formica ColorCore®2 Laminate, we realized the Formica product held up significantly better in the demanding environment,” Iannone said.

The New White ColorCore®2 surface is used for point-of-sale checkout counters, merchandise shelving, and even gondola fixtures in the terminal. 

 Louis Iannone, Daroff Design

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