Natacha Créative breathes new life into her kitchen with Formica<sup>®</sup> brand products

Natacha Créative Breathes New Life into Her Kitchen with Formica® Brand Products

Quality makeover at a lower cost

Kitchen with new countertops

During her kitchen renovations, Natacha Watier, author of the Natacha Créative blog, was looking to give her existing countertops a new lease on life. She wanted to create a unique, fresh and modern look that would pair well with her new cabinets and white island, while keeping the project’s waste and costs to a minimum. 

She and her husband decided to cover their old laminate countertops with Formica® brand Carrara Bianco design. To lend them an even more modern look, Natacha decided to cut off the counters’ rounded edge and replace it with a straight edge.

Before and after images of Laminate Counter

“We chose Formica® brand products because we wanted to make sure we got a result that was trendy, high quality and long-lasting,” says Natacha Watier, who knows the Formica brand well. 

This project required a lot of preparation and attention to detail to ensure a professional result that met their expectations. As a designer and blogger, Natacha wanted to show her subscribers how to complete renovations easily and inexpensively and provide them with a detailed step-by-step demonstration on her blog and YouTube channel

“Although we worked very hard and it took us several months to transform our kitchen, I can tell you without a doubt that the work was a rewarding and fun experience,” says Natacha Watier. “We’re very pleased with our new modern countertops, which suit our renovated kitchen perfectly.”

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