Soft and dainty fashion inspired by graceful ballet dancers is a way of expression for mindfulness and contemplation. Being in touch with yourself and the world around you helps in creating a meaningful and beautiful life.
   It’s a retro-romantic trend where film photography and old movies inspire softened brights and hues.
 This material palette is fused with diversity; mixing the use of leather frosted pattern and mild wood together. This style is all
about creating a soft and calming fashion at home which mixes the sweet and natural.
  Pale tinted neutrals which often reminiscence feelings of intimacy and touch have a restorative quality that links colour to wellbeing.

Concept Presentation

Next we will be presenting some of the items identified in this chapter in a loft apartment setting.

A loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space often converted for residential use from former industrial buildings in urban areas.

Highlight: Mounted onto a substrate before perforating to shapes we have freed laminates from the constraints of being merely a covering – now with the ability to create bespoke screens and ceiling; we have made the banister the center of attraction for this fashionable loft apartment.

Formica For Me

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