Through travelling and various online-to-offline influences modern generation seek to explore things and history that connect us physically and culturally.It is a mind-expanding spiritual opportunity to understand how the past influences the future.With this increasing popularity of revisiting heritage elements from Asia a new era of Urban is now created.

  Indigo and Turquoise emerge as key colours; refreshing this theme with a rich heritage of handloom weaving. They are hopeful positive and versatile across ages and genders.
Typically dark neutrals contrasted with wood grains exudes an urban touch to interiors.  
   Balanced by muted neutral old wood from Asia the classic saturated red delivers a sense of calming and invigorating feel while creating a strong flavour of history.
Embracing elements from the past such as cement and aged
metal the urban uniforms of dark wood grains are now given a fresh vitality.

Concept Presentation

Next we will be presenting some of the items identified in this chapter in a shop house setting. A shop house is an architectural building type that is commonly seen in areas such as urban Southeast Asia. Shop houses are mostly two or three stories high with a shop on the ground floor for mercantile activity and a residence above the shop.Highlight: Playing with the contrast of modern surfaces we have used an unique laminate layer contour technique to create a creative feature wall mimicking the contours of a natural landscape at the dining room. Through laser-cutting and the incremental variation of size between the layers depth is created – turning the otherwise flat laminate into a 3D object.

Formica For Me

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