corporate commitment

Corporate Commitment

As the inventor of high pressure laminate, Formica Group has always worked to provide innovative, high quality products. Efficient use of resources is at our core, and we have taken many steps to improve our environmental footprint - from reusing the water in our presses to incorporating recycled materials into our surfacing products.

As part of our new sustainability approach, Formica Asia will publish its environmental impact data every year, as well as our targets and initiatives for the coming year.

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In 2019, Formica was purchased by Broadview Holding, a Netherlands-based global leader in material technology. Part of Broadview’s explicit strategy is that each business in its group, including Formica Asia, will pursue ambitious sustainability initiatives and results. Along with Broadview Holding, Formica is committed to a long-term planning horizon that includes becoming an industry-leading environmental steward.

A key element to this approach is being highly transparent about our current environmental footprint as well as our plans and targets for reducing our overall impact. Formica is implementing a common sense, fact-based methodology to sustainability focused on a cradle-to-gate approach that is integrated into the way that we manage every part of our business.

Formica’s sustainability policy is built upon a basic motivation to shift from ”being less bad” for the environment to being ”good” and having a positive impact on the world around us. This approach has three stages:

Enhancing sustainability requires a realistic vision, specific actions and integrated approach across the entire company. Formica’s sustainability path is defined by three key principles that shape our thinking and action plans. These principles and our progress are detailed in the 2023 report.

More on Sustainability

At Formica Asia, we continually strive to create innovative products that promote a healthier environment to support sustainable design.

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