FENIX Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

FENIX Maintenance and Cleaning

Discover how to clean FENIX surfaces.

If you look at FENIX through a microscope, you would see the structure that gives the surface its matt appearance. Cleaning matt surfaces means cleaning their structure. You can use common household cleaning liquids, only abrasive cleaning liquids should be avoided. Regular rinsing with water is an essential step. The video below will make you understand the basic do’s and don’ts.

For the best results when cleaning FENIX, it is important to remember the following advice:

  • Although very resistant, a FENIX surface must still never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, macro abrasive sponges or unsuitable materials such as sandpaper or steel wool
  • Strongly acidic or alkaline products should be avoided because they can stain the surface
  • Bleach and heavily-chlorinated products should be avoided because they can degrade the surface
  • When using solvents, the cloth used must be perfectly clean so as not to leave marks on the FENIX surface. Any marks may, however, be removed by rinsing with hot water and drying well;
  • Do not use furniture polishes or wax-based cleaners in general, because they tend to form a sticky layer on the FENIX surface that attracts and traps dirt
  • Do not use metal scrapers, iron brushes or any other metal tool to remove stains, paint, plaster or other substances from the surface.

Download cleaning and maintenance instruction here for more details.

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