Kitchen sink with lemons K080 306 Ginger Root Mist Formica Solid Surfacing


Kitchen sink with eggs K155 715 Gothic Cornerstone Formica Solid Surfacing

Kitchen Sinks

Sleek and streamlined, undermount kitchen sinks look premium, are more hygienic and are endlessly practical.
How to Keep Stainless Steel Sinks Clean
Bathroom sink with purse and glasses V100 Formica Solid Surfacing

Vanity Bowls

Maximizing countertop space for toiletries can be done easily with undermount vanity bowls.
Undermount Sink Technical Data



What is the warranty on Everform™ Solid Surface Sinks?

The limited warranty for Everform™ Solid Surface Sinks is ten (10) years from the date of initial installation.

How do I find my local Formica Distributor or A&D Specialists?
Click on the Where to buy button at the top of the page and type in your postal code for a list of the Formica Distributor or A&D Specialist that services your area.
I have a problem with my Formica® Brand product. Who do I contact?
Please contact our Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-FORMICA™ (367-6422), or via email at [email protected].
If my question is not listed here, where can I find my answer?
If your question is not listed here, please contact us or call 1-800-FORMICA™ (367-6422).

Formica Group offers a selection of kitchen sinks and vanity bowls in a range of shapes, sizes and solid surfacing colours to coordinate flawlessly with kitchen countertops and vanity tops.


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