Formica Canada, a major supplier for Eco-Habitat

Formica Canada partners with Eco Home, Eco Home model kit, prefabricated architect designed ecologibal house, Eco Habitat S1600

Formica Canada, a major supplier for Eco-Habitat

Formica Canada Inc., the official partner of Écohabitation/Ecohome, is one of the major suppliers for Eco-Habitat S1600 eco-housing kit.

In 2016, Formica Canada Inc. became Écohabitation/Ecohome's official partner for its ecological criterias, including:

  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Long lifespan
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

We are proud that Écohabitation/Ecohome chose us to be one of the main suppliers for the interior surfaces of Eco-Habitat S1600 ecological home. This Écohabitation Kit is designed with the expertise of an architectural firm, coupled with the performance of a manufacturer of high quality prefabricated houses.

Écohabitation trained these companies to put into practice the concepts of ecological and sustainable construction in their activities and the development of kit plans. The Écohabitation Kits offer a winning combination to individuals concerned about the ecological quality of their home.

“ It is time to offer an architecture adapted to our northern location. ” Emmanuel Cosgrove, General Manager at Écohabitation/Ecohome 

The Écohabitation Kit Eco-Habitat S1600 has many benefits:

  • Durability & quality
  • High energy performance = minimum energy costs
  • Ecological and healthy
  • Innovative architect design
  • High real estate value

Two of Formica Canada's product lines have been chosen by the architect for their durability and value for money.

Formica Infiniti® Laminate  909 AN Black kitchen cabinets and kitchen island surrounds in Ecohabitat S1600

Formica Infiniti®

Formica Infiniti® is a game changer in surfacing. As beautiful, as it is durable, it features a soft-to-the-touch super matte texture, resists fingerprints, has thermal healing capabilities and built-in antimicrobial surface protection.

Interior view of the Eco-Habitat S1600 kit: the kitchen cabinets made with Formica Infiniti® 909-AN Black. Photo credit: Benjamin Zizi for Écohabitation

Enjoy solid, smooth and sumptuous surfaces in 909-AN Black colour in your eco-home:

  • Cabinet and kitchen drawers fronts
  • Kitchen island surrounds
  • Fridge fronts
  • Bathroom cabinet and drawers fronts on the 2nd floor
Formica® Writable Surfaces living room cabinets 459 90 Brite White 650x700

Formica® Writable Surfaces

The collection features 1 chalkboard design and more than 200 markerboard designs, including exclusive and unique patterns that give you the chance to add your own creative expression.
Interior view of the Eco-Habitat S1600 kit: the living room cabinets made with Formica® Writable Surfaces 459-90 Brite White.

 Share your story with the help of Writable Surfaces®Formica, durable and easy-to-maintain products for use in any room in the home - from playroom to bedroom, laundry room to kitchen.

The colour 459-90 Brite White chosen for the Eco-Habitat contrasts with Formica Infiniti® 909-AN Black applications and creates a clear and modern look for the following surfaces:

  • Kitchen cabinets fronts
  • Multimedia furniture (shelving unit in the living room around the TV)
  • Hallway storage (closet doors)
  • Bathroom cabinets and drawers fronts
  • Bathroom shelving unit
  • Bathroom countertop
Formica Infiniti and Formica Writable Surfaces in the kitchen of Eco Home EcoHabitat

The Eco-Habitat built at the trade-show!

Visitors of Montreal HomeExpo 2019 at the Olympic Stadium could explore the Eco-Habitat S1600 built entirely on site.

Interior view of the Eco-Habitat S1600 kit (the kitchen) by Para-Sol Architecture and Bâtiment Pré-Fab Inc. Photo credit: Para-Sol Architecture.

This was a great opportunity to see the real applications of two featured products from Formica Canada: Formica Infiniti® 909-AN Black and Formica® Writable Surface 459-90 Brite White.

Learn more about the Ecohome Kits by visiting the website

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