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Formica Canada Teams Up with Olympian Cendrine Browne

Beginning in 2017, Formica Canada Inc. has supported Cendrine Browne, a cross-country skier who has proudly represented Canada in the Olympics and many other international competitions. Again this year, Cendrine will participate in several events in the coming months during which she’ll have the chance to achieve the third criterion she needs to qualify for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China. She trained all summer in Canada in high altitude places like Canmore, BC, in order to practice in the same condition, in high altitude, as the upcoming Olympics. 

Cendrine is an amazing ambassador who believes in self pushing for more women in sports. Thus she created, along with her teammate Laura Leclair, Féminaction. Féminaction is a 100% female sports program with the aim of increasing female retention in cross-country skiing. Cendrine and Laura noticed that the older they got, the fewer girls there were on the starting lines. They also observed that there was a glaring lack of women in leadership positions in sport. This is why they created Féminaction: it is time for women to take their place in the world of sport.

To do this, they wanted to create a female community within their sport through three different components of their program. The first part consists of organizing three training camps per year, with the same group of girls aged 13 to 16, coming from all over Quebec. In addition to organizing the camps, Cendrine and Laura participate in the activities with the athletes. The objective: to inspire and motivate girls, to create a community and a space within which the athletes can work together, progress together and value each other other than through their performances. At each camp, a different young female coach is hired so that she can gain experience and train in a 100% female space, without pressure. Each coach also has two mentees; young women who want to explore the avenue of coaching. This completes Part two of Féminaction. Part three consists of trips to the regions by Cendrine and Laura. They travel all over Quebec to spend a full day with the girls from the different clubs in the province. The aim is to reach as many young girls as possible with their message and to inspire young people. The content of the days is adapted according to the needs of the clubs. With these three components, Cendrine and Laura want to make a difference and see more girls and women stay in sport out of passion!

Cendrine would like to share her passion with you as well, so to keep you in the best shape, we’ve partnered with Cendrine on a few workout ideas that you can do without spending hundreds of dollars at the gym or on home-health equipment.

Take Charge of Your Wellness

Here's a little exercise routine that doesn't require any equipment and will help you get ready for many winter sports.

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Cendrine Browne water exercises

Summer Fitness with Cendrine

Cendrine Browne, cross-country skiing Olympian and Formica Ambassador suggest some exercises to do at the pool or lake!

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Cendrine Browne exercise

Get Moving with Cendrine

Cendrine Browne, cross-country skiing Olympian and Formica Ambassador takes you through a Tabata session.

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