Two Design Trends That Inspired the 2023 Everform® Solid Surface Collection | Formica Group

Two Design Trends That Inspired the 2023 Everform® Solid Surface Collection

Organic natural shapes. Expressive colour. Learn how these seven new Everform® Solid Surface patterns came to be.

Our Design Cues

The new line of Everform® Solid Surface patterns ushers in fresh design possibilities for commercial and residential spaces. These seven acrylic surfaces are as sophisticated as they are hardworking, making them ideal for high-traffic spaces and frequent cleaning.

Here are the two trends our design team uncovered and used to bring the latest selections to life. These patterns complement many of the other options in the full, 40-pattern Everform® Collection as well as offerings across the entire Formica® brand suite.

Trend One: Design Softened by Nature

There is a contrast between what nature provides and how we use design to incorporate a natural look into a manufactured material. In this way, inspiration from nature gave way to Tumbled Harvest, the Fossilized Series and Frosted Gray.

These designs are loose, with organic dispersions of particulates, irregular patterns with imperfections, and interpretations of nature that capture the essence of a design — without being an exact replica.

Trend Two: The Return of Colour

Across all markets, there is a movement away from white and gray toward warm neutrals and the colours of nature. Nero Terrazzo Matrix and the Speck series celebrate colour in a playful and expressive way while maintaining surface usability.

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