Five Ways to Embrace Black and White

Five Ways to Embrace Black and White

The classic combination of black and white has been a popular and ever-evolving palette for decades. Explore five ways to incorporate this striking design duo around your home.

3701 11 Manhattan Marble bathroom counter with black backsplash

Classic Design

Black and white continue to offer a wide range of design options for homeowners. Today it’s more nuanced and versatile than ever, as matte black appliances and fixtures complement light, airy spaces and neutral surfaces. Interestingly, black and white are almost always two of the most popular choices for Formica® Brand laminates — with the number one spot trading back and forth!


Black is often used to define focal points as it creates a dramatic juxtaposition to white elements. Dark countertops, cabinets, furniture, fixtures and more can completely change the feel of a space by adding depth and warmth.


Many home areas have trended light and neutral over the past few years, with combinations of white, soft gray and taupe leading the way. Homeowners like seeing surfaces that appear clean and bright, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms.

Better Together

Although white and gray remain the defining look in many homes, we’re starting to see a shift as homeowners opt for the striking interplay between dark and light. Let’s look at how black and white can make a dynamic duo in these five living areas.

1. Kitchen

Black and white kitchen with 3476 Jet Sequoia island and 9284 Classic Crystal Granite countertops

Pair beautiful Jet Sequoia 180fx® Laminate with white cabinets for a timeless kitchen. The neutral Classic Crystal Granite 180fx® Laminate on the perimeter countertop adds a complementary look while keeping the focus on the strong design statement of the centre island.

2. Bathroom

Modern bathroom with 5015 Black Painted Marble backsplash and 109 Brite White Formica laminate bathroom cabinet

This sleek, modern bathroom incorporates minimalist white cabinetry with Brite White Formica® Laminate against the dramatic backdrop of a Black Painted Marble 180fx® Laminate feature wall. The  distinct veining in the Black Painted Marble adds a sense of organic movement that picks up on the geometry of the floor tiles.  

3. Den

9537 Stormy Night Granite feature wall in living room with fireplace and dog

Add the drama of a Stormy Night Granite 180fx® Laminate feature wall behind a subtle fireplace to highlight the beauty of the stonework. White furniture and carpets brighten the look and heighten the differences between the tones.

4. Laundry Room/Mudroom

Black and white mudroom with 7403 Nero Marquina benches

High-traffic spaces like laundry rooms and mudrooms benefit from simplicity in design. Unfussy white walls combine perfectly with this Nero Marquina 180fx® Laminate bench to deliver on functionality and style. 

5. Office

Home office with 3702 Mediterranean Marble ledge and 3711 Slate Noir desk

Home offices play a vital role in everyday life. This Slate Noir Formica® Laminate desk and Mediterranean Marble 180fx® Laminate ledge pair nicely to create a welcoming workspace.

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