7 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter and Sweeter

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter and Sweeter

You’re closer to your home than you may think. Discover seven smart ways to connect with your home that will bring you closer to your family.

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Although we aren’t riding around in hover cars quite yet, we are closer than ever to the Jetson’s lifestyle. More than just four walls and a roof, homes now have the capability to alert us when something is wrong, connect us to family members, and cater to our daily needs. 

We love the latest tech advances, but it’s important now more than ever to get back to the basics. For every new gadget you add to your home, take the time to connect with your family tech free! A healthy combination of these neat features will keep your home both smart and sweet.

1. Chalkboard Command Centre: 

Let your home do the talking when it comes to organizing your kitchen. Have a fabricator install durable Formica® Writable Surfaces collection on a wall or cabinet door and try jotting down your shopping list right near, where your keys and coupons are stored so you can spy it quickly before you run out the door.  

If you are feeling handy, you can also view our videos with DIY tips for a Writable Surface. 

2. Sleep Smarter: 

A good night’s sleep is so important, and with today’s technology, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. 

Outfit your family’s beds in the latest mattress technology that tracks how well you sleep and adjusts accordingly. You and your kids may be getting the doctor-prescribed amount of zzz's, but these trackers will tell you if that pillow time is quality time.

3. Don’t Be Alarmed:

Stay up to date on home security to keep your family safe. Top security systems have the ability to alert you when a door or window is open even while you’re out.

For full-force protection, consider installing cameras in living spaces so you can easily check if the kids made it home from school safely. This will give you the peace of mind you’ve been craving. 

4. Helping Hand:

Streamline your daily life with a hands-free responsive speaker. These home devices are a lifesaver for hectic schedules; after a week with one, you won’t know how you survived without it! 

Play music, find a recipe, get the news, and more all by simply talking to your home. It may seem small, but every minute saved is a minute gained with friends and family. 

5. Noted: 

Turn your cabinet into a real-life message board with durable, dry-erase surfaces that belong in any and every room in the house! Forget the digital age and return to hand-written notes wishing others good luck on an important meeting or interview. 

We also love to jot down friendly reminders for our family, such as helpful hints in the laundry room. Can you just imagine a whole house full of these? Get your own Formica® Writable Surfaces markerboard in unique designs.

The patterns make your walls look sophisticated when they don’t have writing or drawing on them – and they are also really fun to create on.

6. Welcome Home: 

Here’s a sweet thing our mother used to do. While everyone is out and about, call the home phone and leave a voice message. Now, whoever arrives and checks the voicemail first will be graciously welcomed home in a personalized voice message. This always left a smile on our face and even motivated us to give her a ring back.

7. Bedtime Alert: 

Why is it that when you want sleep the most, your kids can barely keep their eyes shut? For those tireless tykes, we recommend downloading apps that control the lighting in your home. 

Avoid being the ‘bad guy’ by dimming the lights when it’s time to settle down. You will save yourself from yelling and your kids will take the hint that they should be putting on their pajamas. It’s a win-win situation for the whole family!

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