職場安全已成國際趨勢 「台灣富美家」拚業界第一獲ISO45001國際認證

職場安全已成國際趨勢 「台灣富美家」拚業界第一獲ISO45001國際認證 屢獲德國紅點設計獎與各國際獎項殊榮「富美家集團」引領時尚空間新美學 綠能、居安意識興起!建築師、室內設計師指名建材品牌擁五項環境永續認證 Workplace safety has become an international trend, and Formica Taiwan is the first in the industry to obtain ISO45001 international certification Winning the German’s Red Dot Design Award and various international awards, Formica Group leads the new aesthetic of fashion space The awareness of green energy and home security has risen! Architects and interior designers choose building materials brand holding five environmental sustainability certifications


[June 2nd, Taipei] Formica Group, a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative interior surfacing decorative materials, established its first manufacturing plant in Asia in Taiwan in 1981. It has been operating locally for 39 years, with the largest market share in the high pressure laminate market in Taiwan. Adhering to the two core values of "innovation" and "sustainability", Formica Group continues to obtain inspiration in global design trends and creates value for customers. At the end of 2019, Formica® became the first brand in the industry to obtain ISO45001 international certification. David Ren, Managing Director of Formica Taiwan, said: "It is important to keep pace with the needs of modern consumers. Whether it is from the aspects of aesthetic applications, quality upgrades, and environmental sustainability, Formica Group never stops making progress. However, we know that the good quality of the brand comes from the entire enterprise, which is why Formica Taiwan treats obtaining the ISO45001 international certification as a key project, because only by providing the best working environment to the partners can we continue to create the quality with the leading market share."

「台灣富美家」守護職場安全拼升級 業界第一獲ISO 45001國際認證
對製造業而言,有三項重要的國際認證指標:分別為品質(ISO 9001)、環境(ISO14001)以及職業安全衛生(ISO45001);要跟上國際趨勢,這三個認證可以說是基本門檻。而當中ISO45001是2018年由英國主導,匯集70個以上國家的意見所共同發布的全球第一個「職業安全衛生管理系統標準」,適用於各種規模的企業組織;ISO 45001認證是用以取代原有OHSAS 18001認證的升級版。新版標準主要目的在幫助企業為員工創造更好的工作環境,預防與工作有關的職業傷害和健康危害,同時更是企業體現企業社會責任的最佳方式。

Formica Taiwan protects workplace safety and strives for upgrade, being the first in the industry to obtain ISO 45001 international certification

For manufacturing, there are three important international certification indicators: quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO14001) and occupational safety and health (ISO45001); to keep up with international trends, these three certifications are the basic requirements. Among them, ISO45001 is the world's first "International Standard for occupational health and safety" jointly published in 2018, led by the United Kingdom together with experts from nearly 70 countries, suitable for organizations of all sizes; ISO 45001 certification is an upgraded version to replace the original OHSAS 18001 certification. The main purpose of the new version standard is to help companies create a better working environment for employees, and prevent job-related occupational injuries and health hazards, and at the same time, it is the best way for companies to reflect corporate social responsibility.

高度重視員工安全的富美家集團,在亞洲持續追求進歩及領先產業標準的做法,藉由國際技術導入加速職安升級,從設備風險、生產管理、環保設備維護、室內空氣品質改善…等多個角度著手,歷時九個月,於2019年底率先在業界取得ISO 45001國際認證的品牌,也為近40年的台灣富美家新豐工廠區注入全新的生態。除了生產績效的表現外,提供安全、舒適、健康的工作環境,與員工們在優質的環境中一起成長,是富美家集團在亞洲的首要任務,也顯示富美家集團在人員和產品上持續投資的決心。

This initiative was led by Taiwan executives with the intention to not only continuously make progress, but also to keep leading this industry in Taiwan, and also in Asia.  The project involved the implementation of international technology to accelerate the upgrading of occupational safety, starting from multiple aspects such as equipment risk, production management, environmental protection equipment maintenance, indoor air quality improvement, etc. The entire project took nine months for Formica Taiwan to be the first to obtain ISO 45001 international certification in the industry at the end of 2019, injecting a new ecology into Formica Group’s 40-year-old Hsinfeng Plant. Production performance aside, one of the main priorities from the management team of Formica Asia was providing a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for Formica Group’s employees, in order to grow together in a high-quality environment. This evidently shows Formica Group’s constant investment in its people and its products. 


近年來安全居住意識興起,對於建材選用是否安全是民眾相當關心的議題,擁有五項環境永續國際認證的富美家集團是綠色建材模範生,包含美國綠色防護環境協會GEI的國際標準空氣品質GREENGUARD認證、美國綠建築協會(USGBC)的LEED綠建築認證、英國碳信託的碳減量標籤、國際森林管理委員FSCCOC產銷監管鏈認證以及國際環境管理體系認證(ISO 14001),顯現富美家集團對於環境永續的重視。

Winning international awards and Red Dot Design Award! Formica Group insists on innovation and sustainability, becoming designers’ first choice

In recent years, the awareness of safe living has risen, and the choice of building materials is a matter of great concern to the public. Formica Group, with five international environmental sustainability certifications, is a model of green building materials, including the international GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), the LEED green building certification of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Carbon Reduction Label of the British Carbon Trust,  the Chain of Custody Certification of the Forest Stewardship Council, and the international environmental management system certification (ISO 14001), showing Formica emphasizes on environmental sustainability.


Formica Group’s products are the first choice by architects and interior designers. The products comply with national standards for safe, healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly green building materials. In addition, Formica has developed various interior surface decoration materials to meet market demand, and many products have won the German Red Dot Design Award; it has also continuously introduced various innovative surface decoration materials from the world. For example, the FENIX® products made in Italy are the winners of major international design awards. Leading the latest trend of interior design with technology and aesthetics, they are innovative smart materials with extreme matt surface, anti-fingerprint and soft touch, and very popular with global designers. The application range of Formica Group’s products spreads all over Taiwan and into every homes and business spaces, and there must be traces of Formica’s products around you. Adhering to "innovation" and "sustainability", Formica Group creates a new aesthetic of fashion space with trend, safety and environmental protection for you.

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富美家集團  Formica Group

 富美家®集團提供全球商空及居家客戶一個擁有百年歷史的美耐板品牌和引領表面裝飾材料解決方案者 。作為世界知名的高級裝飾美耐板(HPL)製造商,集團擁有從表面飾材的發明、創新至引領時尚潮流的花色設計,也是業界公認的表面飾材流行趨勢領航者,廣泛的設計、製造、經銷和銷售網路,令富美家這一國際品牌始終備受讚譽。


富美家®集團是一家全球性集團企業,包括加拿大富美家®公司、富美家®公司、墨西哥富美家®S.A. de C.V.公司、富美家®IKI Oy公司、富美家®有限公司、富美家®S.A.公司、臺灣富美家®公司、富美家®(泰國)有限公司、富美家®(亞洲)有限公司、Homapal GmbH等。

About Formica Group

 Formica Group globally leads the industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications. Formica® laminate is the ‘original’ and contains more than one hundred years of invention, innovation and design leadership. For more information about Formica Group, its products, special programs and promotions, visit www.formica.com.

Formica Group is a global group of companies consisting of Formica Canada, Inc., Formica Corporation, Formica de Mexico S.A. de C.V., Formica IKI Oy, Formica Limited, Formica S.A., Formica S.A.S., Formica Taiwan Corporation, Formica (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Formica (Asia) Ltd., and Formica Decorative Materials (China) Co., Ltd. among others

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