Comfort Mode

Comfort Mode


Soft Tones + Vogue Accents

Soothing, calm and inviting – a palette of soft hues and stylish accents. Curved central features and the clever use of surface patterning add character to your place of respite in a bustling city.

Here are a few key elements unique to this theme:

Mineral Pink

A colour that speaks of balance. Where spaces are refreshed with clean lines and complementary pastel accents – leaving rooms feeling calm, light and serene. 

Ice Onyx

The luxurious Onyx is a cool and delicate stone material. Offering the perfect complementary partner to a pastel palette – perfect for vanity areas, kitchen tops and bathrooms. 

Soothing Wood

Simple, functional and associated with minimalistic design. These faded raw wood tones add warmth, visual symmetry and character to spaces.

Concept Presentation in a Residential Setting

 8238 Blush  8578 Sund Elm  7408 Ice Onyx         

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