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Formica Cora™ with Thai subtitles 

Formica CORA - A captivating glimpse of what lies at the core 

The name CORA, derived from the ancient Greek Kóƿƞ (Kórē) is an epithet of Persephone, the Greek goddess of the soul. It expresses an honest rendering of what lies beneath our surfaces.

This is beauty, uninterrupted. 

Perfect for important spaces that ease daily living

From Surface to Core

Formica CORA was designed with six inner core colours, each carefully composed to eliminate joint lines for a sleek elegant finish.


Sunny dispositions that spring with tenderness and cheer. Warming elements for havens to confirm and delight.


Its palette of high-pressure laminate decor paper features abundant variety to yield spaces that are as stylish as they are wholesome, with antimicrobial properties that keep odour and contamination at bay.

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