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From colour and performance to overall aesthetic effects of the interior, this exclusive brand of products perfectly inherits the long-standing Italian design that has become the most fashionable choice for projects big and small.

Since its launch in 2013, FENIX have swiftly taken the arena of the architectural and interior designs by storm. From colour and performance to overall aesthetic effects of the interior, this exclusive brand of products perfectly inherits the long-standing Italian design that has become the most fashionable choice for projects big and small. FENIX innovative materials feature the advantages of low light reflectivity, extremely matt finishes, and anti-fingerprint functions that deliver a soft touch and comfort apart from offering thermal healing solution for superficial micro-scratches. It is widely used in various vertical and horizontal spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, offices and retailing applications, as well as for an exhaustive spectrum of commercial and residential projects.


01. Holistic kitchens with All-inclusive Upgrades in Styles

Application Scenario: Kitchens 

As the saying goes, the living room tells the wealth, the kitchen tells the taste. In this respect, Italian cabinets have long been a force to reckon with in influencing the design of Asian home furnishings as an integrated design of the kitchens becomes the mainstream of today's home decoration. It not only brings great visual impact, but also reflects the extravagant taste of the kitchen. In rediscovering the legacy of flawless Italian designs, FENIX kitchen countertops and sinks are perfectly matched and integrated to enhance the overall style of the kitchen. In particular, the extremely matt design strives to spice up a low-profile luxury. As for the rich selection of colors, you can mix and match at will to showcase a taste of extravagance. More so, its state-of-the-art anti-fingerprint design and thermal healing solution for superficial micro-scratches come with many new experiences that innovative technologies have in store for you.


2. Exquisite Bathrooms that Outshine Five-Star Hotels

Application Scenario: Bathrooms

Nowadays, with an increasing number of consumers beginning to lay emphasis on decorative style and exquisite quality of the bathroom, the minimalist designing style has become the most sought-after choice ever. A minimalist design does not believe in the rule of the thumb. It is about reflecting your own exquisite taste of refinement instead of conforming to the stereotyped simplicity and mediocrity.   FENIX extremely matt surfaces not only brings a modest quality in luxury, but also meets the inherently minimalist requirements of shaping the bathroom with a touch of elegance and rich color selection, to wash away your exhaustion of the day as you rejoice in an ambience of grace and delight.


03. Extravagant Applications that Bespeak Commercial Sophistication

Application Scenario: Office Space

More and more companies are today beginning to pay attention to the design of their office environment. A good office environment not only allows employees to improve work efficiency and productivity, but also relieves work-related fatigue. The FENIX® extremely matt surfaces fully demonstrates the extravagant taste of a business setting, imparting it with a visual experience in addition to the anti-fingerprint, and soft touch characteristics unique only to their own, bringing users an ever more cozy and tactile experience. At the same time, it is capable of engaging in thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches to enhance the functionality of the office space. In the final analysis, FENIX imparts an extraordinary experience to the office space in terms of vision, touch and functionality.

FENIX innovative materials inspire designers with even more possibilities for interior decoration ideas and new designs, while its smart product functions perfectly blend in with the elements of aesthetics. In this age of innovation, it goes without saying that innovative materials are the most in-things for futuristic home decoration design, with designers coming in droves to create even more magnificent spaces with FENIX.

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Discover FENIX, the innovative materials for interior design created by Arpa Industriale for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications

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