Fresh Nature

Fresh Nature

Natural Tones + Fresh Accents

Let nature take centre stage in this light-filled and warm space. Where the lush outdoors and minimalistic design co-exist in a living area.

Here are a few key elements unique to this theme:

Energetic Textile

A refreshing pop of colour through the use of fabrics and textiles in a space. Play up the possibilities within a space with a range of daring colours and patterns.

Natural Wood

Embracing the forms, textures and grains created by nature, this element is an appreciation for raw beauty. Be it the natural, matte or unvarnished, wood surfaces are a simple way to bring nature into your home.


Surface patterning that adds a creative twist to standard wall features, doors or screens; a stunning visual effect for nature-themed interiors. 

Modern Stone

Big, bold, dramatic. Emulate natural stone finishings with true to scale surfacing patterns that add visual drama to your living space. 

Concept Presentation in a Residential Setting

5528 Energy Lemon 5525 Dry Chevron  7402 Pietra Grafite

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