Formica Canada Inc. partners with the Écohabitation Kits, a unique directory of ecological architecture houses, prefabricated in Quebec and available at a reasonable price

First model house unveiled at the Montreal HomeExpo from February 7 to 10

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Wednesday, February 6, 2019 – Formica Canada Inc. is pleased to partner with Écohabitation/Ecohome for the launch of the Écohabitation Kits, which offer homeowners and self-builders affordable green homes, in a variety of formats, whether they are looking for a single-family home, a multi-unit, a secondary residence, a small house or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

For its first year, Écohabitation/Ecohome is offering five eco-housing kits, including Eco-Habitat S1600 by Para-Sol Architecture and Bâtiment Pré-Fab Inc., a contemporary residence of ecological design that is spacious, bright and friendly that will be unveiled for the first time to the public at the Montreal HomeExpo, from February 7 to 10. This kit showcases Formica Infiniti® Black and Formica® Brite White Writable Surface in the kitchen, bathrooms, living room and vestibule.

Écohabitation/Ecohome has decided to facilitate the development of sustainable and efficient home plans. Each Écohabitation Kit features the expertise of an architectural firm coupled with the performance of a manufacturer of high-quality prefabricated houses. Écohabitation/Ecohome trained these companies to put into practice the concepts of ecological and sustainable construction in their activities and the development of kit plans. The Écohabitation Kits offer a winning combination to individuals concerned about the ecological quality of their home.

“Formica Canada Inc. is very proud to be associated with this innovative project, which will make green homes more accessible to Quebecers, by offering them durability, quality and high energy performance, all in a creative and innovative design, imagined by local architects,” said Christelle Locat-Rainville, Marketing Manager at Formica Canada Inc. “Our products fit perfectly into decors that are chic and avant-garde and reflect the spirit of the project because, at Formica Canada Inc., we rely on sound design, the best value for money, durability and ease of use.”

Be among the first to discover Écohabitation Kits!

What: The Eco-Habitat S1600 house by Écohabitation Kits designed by Para-Sol Architecture and Bâtiment Pré-Fab Inc., featuring Formica Infiniti® Black and Formica® Brite White Writable Surface:

  • Kitchen: island surrounds, cabinets, drawers and refrigerator fronts
  • Bathrooms: cabinet and drawer fronts
  • Laundry room: countertop and shelving unit
  • Living room: multimedia shelving unit
  • Vestibule: closet doors

Where: Montreal HomeExpo 2019, Olympic Stadium, 4141 Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue, booth #720 (Bâtiment Pré-Fab Inc.)

When: February 7 to 10, 2019
The Formica Canada Inc. team will be pleased to welcome you on Thursday, February 7, from noon to 4 p.m.

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