Formica is More Than A Laminate, We Are More of Everything

While laminates are inherently flexible, there are more possibilities of using Formica Laminates to create unique and bold designs.

While laminates are inherently flexible, kerfing, stacking, cutting, perforating etc, allow you to create fine, undulating surfaces to form a intriguing folds or bespoke screens.


While laminates are inherently flexible, Kerfing gives laminates an increase in material flexibility, allowing it to make curves of varying radiuses through the spacing of the laser-cut perforations. This allows the laminate to create fine, undulating surfaces to form a flowy shape that mimic the softness of curtains, while still retaining the physical properties of laminates.



The stacking of pre-cut pieces of laminate onto a full sheet allows it to be used like a tile, making the fabrication of a feature wall as easy and seamless as piecing up a jigsaw puzzle.


intriguing folds

Coffee Wall – the cutting of pre-determined crease lines allow the laminate surface to form intriguing folds when squeezed together, creating a landscape of controlled hills and ridges.
Seat Backs – Cutting away the top surface of the laminate after bonding to a substrate reveals the original colour of the substrate to create contrast. With this technique, it is possible to create simple groove lines or more complex CNC-milling of patterns to suit the environment.



Mounted onto a substrate before perforating to shapes, we have freed laminates from the constraints of being merely a covering. By CNC-milling of patterns, you can create bespoke screens to divide space into separate distinct areas.

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