At MDW 2023, “Surfaces with a View” celebrates Formica<sup>&reg;</sup> Brand’s 110th and FENIX<sup>&reg;</sup>’s 10th anniversary

At MDW 2023, “Surfaces with a View” celebrates Formica® Brand’s 110th and FENIX®’s 10th anniversary

From April 18 to 23, “Surfaces with a View - Unconventional Of Matter Stories” opens FENIX Scenario to the community, transforming the showroom to an open-air theatre for Milano Design Week.

A platform with long stepped seats invites you to observe through the windows the “theatrical” performances taking place inside the space and then enter to discover them up close. You will enjoy stages designed with materials of elegant colour combinations, creating an area of different cultural stimuli.

The long Milanese tradition linked to the world of theatre and music is interpreted within FENIX Scenario, which its transformed into an environment that combines retail, art and entertainment.

On the evening celebration of Formica® Brand’s 110th and FENIX®’s 10th anniversary, the two companies join forces in a scenographic project of interaction and inclusion. Designed by Zanellato/Bortotto and Musa, “Surfaces with a View” becomes an opportunity to stage the future of surfaces and materials proposed by the companies and tell innovative ways of conceiving spaces.

A multisensorial performance by KHOMPA and Akasha will also form part of the show at FENIX Scenario. Involving sound and visuals in symbiotic interaction, the artistic duo stages the electronic music of KHOMPA’s drums leading the projection of images by Akasha. You will digitally experience the materials shown in rhythm with the accompanying music.

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