Laminous by Formica

Laminous by Formica®
The Singapore Residential Collection

A space is greater than the sum of its parts.
What makes a space mean more?

A Safe, Stylish and Easily Hygienic Home Environment

Experience the Ideal Singaporean Urban Lifestyle with Formica® Laminous New Collection

  • The freedom and flexibility to design your dream home with preferred colour and safe material with easy maintenance and clean-up
  • The relief and happiness of ensuring the health of your family members with a hygienic home environment during this concerning period
  • The joy and satisfaction that your home is looking so Instagrammable with the use of trendy decors with such smooth, ultra-matte and non-reflective surfaces

Formica Protec+®

Antimicrobial High Pressure Laminate; A Reduction of up to 99% of microbes achieved in 2 hours

This new product with silver technology has been tested against a number of leading standards including ISO 22196:2011, JIS Z2801, ASTM G21 and is capable of reducing bacteria, fungi and mould growth. The variety of application possibilities, especially in high-touch and high traffic areas will be the best choice to protect your beloved family members.


Soft Matte Finish

Urban Contemporary Design; Pleasant to Touch and Less visible to Fingerprints and Smudges

This extensive selection choice provides endless combinations to make your dream home come true. The Solid Colours selection enables homeowners to fuse beautiful design with eye-friendly smooth surfaces and easy maintenance.

Wood is Character

From the rustic corridors of luxury Bel Air mansions to the handcrafted table sets in humble village huts, wood lends a sense of atmosphere to every space.

Pattern is Energy

This is how new life is breathed into an otherwise quiet space. Between modern geometric shapes and classical flourishes, patterns create the illusion of constant movement in any room.

Solid is Accents

Like a bolt of black that stands out against pastel hues, or four nautical walls of contemplative Deep Sea, statement colours lead the eye to focal features while setting a room’s overall mood.

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