Give your room a chic feel with DecoMetal<sup>®</sup>

Give your room a chic feel with DecoMetal®

Metals are a popular material used in many commercial and residential designs. Designers often pair metals with contrasting materials like glass or wood to create exciting textural contrasts. 

However, metal is a premium added feature that may not be accessible to many. Instead, you can choose to upscale your design look and feel at a more affordable price with DecoMetal®

Created by Formica Group, DecoMetal® is a type of metallic laminate that uses real metal foils over a laminate foil. DecoMetal® products feature real metal foil laminate and are lightweight with a durable vertical surface making them ideal for feature walls, fixtures, furniture and signages.

DecoMetal®’s unique range includes materials choices in aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel with different surface processes, such as lacquering, anodization, acid treatment and even handcrafted designs. In addition, DecoMetal® is easy to install and maintain, hence it provides flexibility for you to create unique interior designs with its wide range. 

Watch the video to find out more. 

DecoMetal Product introduction
DecoMetal Application References

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