Explore a World of Endless Possibilities with Formica<sup>®</sup> Magnetic Laminates

Explore a World of Endless Possibilities with Formica® Magnetic Laminates

Thanks to the embedding of an iron foil in the structure, Formica® Magnetic Laminates have very strong magnetic effect. You can write on the surface with markers or chalks while some of the matte surfaces can even be used as a projection screen. 

Formica® Magnetic Laminates are available in a wide variety of coloured surfaces. You also have the option of customising D4702 Raw Magnetic Board with individual finish such as veneer, wallpaper, laminate, lacquer etc.

The chalkboards create an overall warm, hospitable atmosphere and are used commonly in cafes, hotels and restaurants. It can be used as a blank canvas for inspiration to doodle at home and in the office spaces.

The magnetic whiteboards, meanwhile, are regularly used in offices and classrooms. D8202 Grid-point Gloss Magnetic Whiteboard features grids at 5cm distance from each dot, enabling you to write in straight lines and even draw diagrams easily. 

The magnetic whiteboard can be perfectly integrated with wall or furniture fittings. Watch the video to find out more about Formica® Magnetic Board and be spoiled with so many options on how to style your home or work place. 

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