New protagonists come to life to show what makes FENIX, FENIX

Based on the renowned charateristics of FENIX Innovative Materials for Interior Design

Silence lies steadily in the house. 
Suddenly, it comes to life when our main characters burst on the scene. 
One by one, unexpectedly, they enter into acton and make contact with our real protagonist, FENIX. 
This is how they experience and bring to life the innate properties of the material: a soft landing, an unmarked escape, a non-reflecting area, as well as an evidence-free hike.

Follow the adventures of our protagonists searching for clues. You will find out what makes FENIX, FENIX.

How to clean FENIX

FENIX is a strong material with a matt surface: almost all regular household cleaning products can be safely used, but it's essential to follow the Do's and Don'ts

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