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Case Study

Carlo e Camilla in Duomo

Carlo Cracco has chosen Gio Tirotto to interpret the interiors of “Carlo e Camilla in Duomo”. So FENIX becomes one of the materials giving life to the new Cracco's restaurant in Milan.

Living The Camper Van Life with FENIX Innovative Materials

“I had never seen it before, and then when the owner showed me the different color samples, how light it was, and how great it felt, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for,” Josh said.

The Classy Atmosphere of a European Hotel At Home

A detailed-oriented renovation inspired by European design and the desire for a modern hotel experience. Designed by Evolo Design

MUSME by Corde Architetti Associati

A museum space that makes the history of medicine interactive. A dynamic and fascinating journey enriched by soft-touch displays made with cutting-edge multimedia learning technology.

SEI by Euromobil Cucine

The new SEI Kitchen by Euromobil is designed by Marc Sadler. It is called SEI, which means six in Italian, because its design was conceptualised by the use of only 6mm thickness throughout its worksurfaces, doors, shelves and general accessories.

Articles, tips and more

FENIX Anti-Fingerprint | Versatile applications and sustainability

An innovative smart material, has the unique anti-fingerprint characteristic, which provides users with multiple choices.

FENIX® | Innovative Materials for Interior Design

From colour and performance to overall aesthetic effects of the interior, this exclusive brand of products perfectly inherits the long-standing Italian design that has become the most fashionable choice for projects big and small.

FENIX | Thermal Healing of Superficial Micro Scratches

As an innovative material, FENIX have many superior features. Particularly with its thermal healing feature, it is able to make every corner of your home truly exquisite and elegant.

Cleaning and Maintenance

FENIX is an opaque and anti-fingerprint surface. No special maintenance is required: just a damp cloth with warm water or mild detergent.

FENIX Cleaning Tutorials

More tutorials such as cleaning coffee stains, juice, stamp ink, nail polish, lipstick, et cetera.

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