FENIX® Anti-Fingerprint | Versatile applications and sustainability

FENIX®, an innovative smart material, has the unique anti-fingerprint characteristic, which provides users with multiple choices.

Anti-fingerprint properties
FENIX® applied to cabinets or worktops, requires very little effort on your part to keep it clean because of its anti-fingerprint characteristic.

Break free from the old mindset and be extraordinary
FENIX®’s matt surface design, when applied to modern tabletops and coffee tables, creates a different visual space, and its anti-fingerprint characteristic plays up the elegant environment of the living room.

Exquisite bathroom is the ultimate enjoyment fit for a celebrity
Your most personal space, the bathroom, is elegant and simple with the matt finish, and you will be immersed in a five-star bathing experience.

Office of maximum efficiency with a touch of class
A tidy desk keeps you focused on the task at hand, which is the key to improving work efficiency. The anti-fingerprint feature of FENIX® desktop keeps the desktop tidy, exquisite and efficient, showing the true qualities of business elites.

Understated luxury offers comfort and ease
Soft lighting and FENIX® matt surface tabletop come together to create an understated luxurious dining ambience, and the anti-fingerprint feature provides a relaxed and cosy dining experience!

FENIX® is chic and versatile, and its anti-fingerprint properties let us deep appreciate the charm of "sustainability"! "


What's FENIX?

Discover FENIX, the innovative materials for interior design created by Arpa Industriale for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications

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