2024 Incanto


Introducing the Formica INCANTO Collection 2024/2025: 
Where design meets nature in perfect harmony. 

Every detail resonates with nature's essence. 
Feel the warmth of home intertwine with natural beauty. 
It's not just about what you see, but what you feel. 

Inspired by the breath-taking landscapes of Europe, Formica Incanto collection captures the grandeur of its natural beauty. This curated selection of decors is exclusively designed with a residential focus, paying homage to the tactile textures and aesthetic charm of natural materials.

Invite the allure of the European landscape into your home with Formica Incanto and experience the captivating elements of nature like never before.


Like a magical spell, Formica Incanto effortlessly transforms living spaces into captivating inner landscapes. Formica Incanto isn’t just about design - it’s about changing the mood and feel of your living spaces by bringing the essence of nature indoors.


Drawing inspiration from rich textures of nature's captivating landscapes, Formica Incanto introduces three new deep textures—Pietra, Organic Wood, and Kleber Line. These transcend design boundaries, evoking wonder and inviting tactile exploration in living spaces. 

Kleber Line (KL)

Harmony of nature interwines with profound elegance.

Kleber Line texture seamlessly blends lines with depth and rough, grainy features, imbuing an authentic essence.

Organic Wood (OG)

Elegance and warmth in reach, always.

Organic Wood texture celebrates the natural beauty and tactile richness of wood bark, accentuated by its open pores and silky touch.

Pietra (PT)

Wonder and character with raw, rugged beauty.

Pietra texture brings rich, tactile layers of stone into everyday spaces.

These surfaces are more than just a visual experience, they create a living landscape that lets you connect with nature on a deeper level. It’s an emotional connection that resonates with your soul.

Step into a space where soft curves and natural light dance together, as marble's polished texture and wood's muted shades quietly exude grandeur. Experience Formica Incanto in the heart of your home, where every detail whispers elegance and every meal becomes a celebration. 

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