收 集 個 人 資 料 聲 明

富美家(亞洲)有限公司(以下簡稱“富美家”)使用你提供的個人資料,用於富美家內部統計及分析用途,提升富美家產品和服務的使用者體驗,並向你 / 申請人提供你 /申請 人所需要的活動或服務,包括但不限 於監察、檢討及發展各項活動或服務。 

資料的轉移 :
你所提供的個人資料,會供本公司在工作上有需要知道該等資料的職員或指定人士使用。此外,本公司在需要時亦只 會向下列有關方面披露該等資料: 
a) 活動或服務的協辦機構或團體。 
b) 富美家委託的指定機構,(不限於)處理 / 跟進博覽會、展覽廳、檢討服務等事宜。 
c) 由法律授權或法律規定須向其披露資料的有關方面。 

查閱個人資料 :
除了《個人資料(私隱)條例》規定的轄免範圍外,你有權要求查閱和更正本機構所持有關於你的個人資料,你亦可要 求索取這些資料的副本。不過,在一般情況下,如收集資料的目的已經完成,本公司會刪除有關的個人資料。 

查詢 :
請確保你向富美家提供的資料正確無誤。如欲查閱或更正本公司所持有關於你的個人資料,請以書面方法 提出。 

地址:香港 北角英皇道255號國都廣場13樓1305-9室

申請人聲明 :
1) 本人明白及同意富美家會通過本調查問卷收集本人的個人資料,並利用我的個人資料,作內部統計及分析用途,處理申請、安排活動 / 服務內容(包括但不限於宣傳、檢討服務、統計、意見調查、調查/ 跟進其他與富美家有關的服務或事宜之用。 
2) 本人明白及同意富美家可能把本人的個人資料作上述的資料轉移用途。 
3) 本人明白及同意富美家可能會使用本人的個人資料(包括但不限於姓名、地址、電郵地址、電話號碼、肖像及錄像),向本人提供有關富美家的相關活動或服務及推廣活動等的相關資訊;並同意富美家亦可能把本人的個人資料,用作推廣富美家提供的活動或服務之用途。 

Personal Information Collection Statements

Purpose of Collection : 
Formica (Asia) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Formica”) will use the personal data provided by you for internal statistical and analytical purposes of Formica, to enhance the user experience of Formica products and services, and to provide you/the applicant with the activities or services required by you/the applicant, including but not limited to monitoring, reviewing and developing the activities or services. 

Data Transfer : The personal data you provide will be made available to persons working in Formica or persons designated on a need-to-know basis. Apart from this, the data may only be disclosed to the relevant parties in the circumstances listed below: 
a) Co-operative activity or service providers. 
b) Other parties commissioned by Formica for the purposes of including but not limited to handle or follow up exhibitions, show rooms, evaluation and review of services and other issues related to Formica. 
c) Where such disclosure is authorized or required by law. 

Access to Personal Data : 
Except where there is an exemption provided under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right of access to and correction of personal data or obtaining a copy of the data you provided. However, under normal circumstances, data will be erased after fulfilling the purposes of collection. 

Enquiry : 
Please ensure that the data you provide to Formica are accurate. If you would like to access or correct your personal data, please contact Formica in writing. 
Contact: Formica (Asia) Limited 
Postal Address: Rm 1305-9, 13/F, Olympia Plaza, 255 King’s Road, North Point, HK

Declaration by the Applicant : 
1) I understand and accept that Formica will, through this questionnaire, collect my personal data which would be used for internal statistical and analytical purposes, processing my application, arranging activities or services (including but not limited to promotion, evaluation of services, statistics, surveys, investigation and following up of other issues related to Formica. 
2) I understand and accept that Formica may transfer my personal data for the above purposes. 
3) I understand and agree that Formica may use my personal data (including but not limited to my name, correspondence address(es), contact telephone number(s), email address(es), photo record(s) and video record(s)) to provide me information on related activities or services; I also accept that my personal data may be used for promoting activities or services provided by Formica.

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