Sophisticated Luxe

Sophisticated Luxe

Contrast Tones + Artistic Accents

The embodiment of the finer things in living spaces – taking classic patterns and transforming spaces into sheer indulgence with a hint of mythicism, fun and extravagance.

Here are a few key elements unique to this theme:


A shade with rich history linked with royalty, purple is a colour of wealth and power, pride and wisdom, peace and creativity. Introduce refinement and independent expression into interior spaces. 


Inspired by the emerging trend in art and design, the use of metallic materials lend a hand in creating vibrancy in seemingly dark spaces – a trick that adds a deeper air of mystery to the design when paired with purple.

Classic Stone

Alluring and timeless through design, such classic stones continue to live up to its reputation for luxuriant quality. Rich in colour with white veins that are akin to a painter’s brushstrokes, it’s a material that requires little work to impress.

Dark Wood

Prevalent in high-end design, dark wood is a sophisticated classic used to detail and add depth to designs. 

Concept Presentation in a Residential Setting

 1541 Carbon Cedar  7403 Nero Marquina  8571 Twilight Shade

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