Asian Urban

Asian Urban


Urban Tones + Culture Accents

A modern interpretation of Asia’s rich heritage and cultural influences. Balancing character with serenity and tranquility in contemporary spaces.

Here are a few key elements unique to this theme:

Raw Silk

One of the oldest and finest fabrics, appreciated throughout cultural history for its visual allure. An elegant surface designed to elevate interiors by adding depth of colour through texture.

The Blues

From centuries-old Chinese porcelain to Japanese indigo craft dating back to the Yamato period, blue expresses authenticity, tranquility, richness and intrigue.

Modern Wood

Cosy and inviting. Wood surfaces add warmth to a modern Japanese-style interior, bringing life and a sense of well-being to urban living spaces.

Iridescent Metallic

Exquisite, effortless accents that considers temperateness and gloss  in contemporary spaces for lushness and light. 

Kraft Paper

Repurposed material is always a topic for city life. The kraft concept gives urban style a new retrofit possibility as a prime warm element with endless room to play with.

Concept Presentation in a Residential Setting

9684 Natural Recycled Kraft 5521 Deep Sea                  8574 Twilight Bronze

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