Formica’s design trends from the London Design Festival

Formica’s design trends from the London Design Festival

Want to know the latest design trends?

Who better to give you the best advice than the Group Vice President of Design for Formica Group International - Renee Hytry Derrington?

Renee spent a week in London attending the London Design Festival and she is here to share Formica Group’s designs and trend observations at the prestigious festival.

The four major colour themes that were on display at the festival were Autumnal, Cobalt Blue, Pretty Pastels and Earthy Greens.

The Autumnal colour themes carried beautifully natural undertones with shades like Earthed Terracotta and Tanned. The Cobalt Blue themes meanwhile were vivid and bold showcasing colours like Spectrum Blue and Marine Blue, which is Formica’s equivalent of Classic Blue, Pantone’s Colour of the Year.

The Earthy Green colour theme was inspired by green marbles and the moss effect resulting in stunning shades like Green Slate and Algae. The final colour theme was Pretty Pastels, which showcased colours that were clean, delicate and refined like the popular Just Rose and Fossil.

There were four major styles on display at the London Design Festival such as Bauhaus, Natural Designs, Symbolic Patterns and Arched Shape while the prominent materials showcased at the festival were Biomaterials, Raw Wood and Terrazzo.

Check out the video and see how these amazing colour themes, styles and materials can work for your next design project.

Trend Report about Colours
Trend Report about Styles and Materials

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