FENIX™ Innovative Materials Expands Portfolio with Six New Colours

FENIX™ Innovative Materials Expands Portfolio with Six New Colours

The new colours come as part of the brand’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, October 2, 2023 To commemorate the brand’s 10th anniversary, FENIX™ Innovative Materials is now available in six new colours inspired by natural and man-made sights from around the world. Designed in Italy and available in North America exclusively through Formica, the extremely matte and soft-to-the-touch surface has fast become a staple material in design portfolios.

"Designers value FENIX™ products for their unique ability to deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal," says Christelle Locat-Rainville, Marketing Manager at Formica Canada. "We're pleased to introduce these additions that give the range new depth while maintaining a timeless elegance. These new colours will allow designers to get even more creative with FENIX™ products."

The new colours include:

  • Giallo Evora: A delicate yellow inspired by the architecture of Evora, Portugal.
  • Verde Kitami: A soft green with tones of gray channeling the colours of the peaks of Kitami in the Hokkaido region of Japan.
  • Blu Shaba: Capturing the colors of Chrysocolla, a malachite from the Shaba region of Congo, this deep blue blends with nuanced shades of green.
  • Viola Orissa: Inspired by the Indian region said to be the birthplace of eggplant, this deep purple adds a matte twist to the vegetable’s signature hue.
  • Grigio Aragona: A bridge between the collection’s existing browns and grays, this new shade was inspired by Sicily’s mud volcanos in the Macalube di Aragona nature reserve.
  • Rosso Namib: A warm brick red evoking imagery of the red desert of Namibia.

With an extremely opaque and soft-touch surface, FENIX™ is a designer favorite across both commercial and residential settings, including retail, education, office, kitchen and bath, and furniture design. The surface can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications, adding moments of sleek elegance to any space. FENIX™ also has anti-fingerprint properties and the ability to use thermal healing for superficial micro-scratches.


To learn more about FENIX™, visit fenixforinteriors-na.com.

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