Formica Canada Extends Decometal® Laminate Line With New Collection Of Warm Metal Tones

Formica Canada Extends Decometal® Laminate Line With New Collection Of Warm Metal Tones

New additions to the collection include architectural, polished, brushed and stainless metal options

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada, October 26, 2020 — Aligning with warmer metals trending in commercial design, Formica Canada released several new additions to the company’s popular DecoMetal® Metal Laminate collection. Thirteen new metal visuals add warm tones of brass, copper, light gold and black, providing designers with a full-spectrum toolbox of 37 metal laminate designs for architectural interiors. 

“These new additions are rich, warm and embrace beautiful metal effects, like weathered patina and oiled looks,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal at Formica North American Design. “With these additions, the DecoMetal® Metal Laminate line truly offers a comprehensive array of trending metal designs that work well in spaces that require warmth and a touch of class.”

New to the DecoMetal® laminate offering, solid metal aluminum sheets are artistically printed with stunning visuals enhanced by a metal sheen base. 

 - Rolled Steel series: As a lighter and more consistent alternative to real steel, cold rolled steel offers an elegant industrial finish. This series combines the rolled steel visual of linear, oiled color-play with the lightweight, easy installation of the DecoMetal® Metal Laminate line.
Light Rolled Steel: An aluminum base with hints of iridescence. 
Dark Rolled Steel: A black oiled effect on darkened steel.

- Patina series: This series embraces the beautiful, natural effects of weathering and age that occur when metals are exposed to the elements. It offers a warm, dappled surface effect that is ideal for any environment, from modern to traditional. 
Black Patina: A blackened tone-on-tone look.
Brass Patina: An elegant gold patina.
Copper Patina: A varicolored burnished copper patina.

Expanding the popular metal laminates available, Formica Canada adds warmer copper, brass and gold tones to balance the collection’s existing cool-toned aluminum visuals.

- Polished series: As reflective surfaces continue to trend, Formica Canada expands its polished offerings to include warmer tones.
Polished Smoke: A black, reflective surface.
Polished Copper: A shiny copper finish.
Polished Gold Aluminum: A mid-tone gold polish.

- Brushed series: Expanding on the popular brushed finish, this series modernizes the company’s brushed options by adding warm copper and brass tones.
Brushed Coin: A shiny penny-toned copper metal.
Brushed Brass: Deep brass, a classic rising again in popularity.

- Stainless series: Enhancing the company’s existing stainless options with warm champagne and copper.
Champagne Stainless: A highly usable tone that bridges gold and silver.
Copper Stainless: A fresh, rosy copper metal.

- Copper Veil: A hand-brushed and elegant finish on solid copper foil. In response to demand for warmer tones, Copper Veil joins existing Graphite Veil.  

These new DecoMetal® laminate patterns are for vertical use, lightweight and easy to install and maintain. 

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