New Formica Envision™ HardStop® Panels Offer Customization and Protection for Walls in High-Traffic Areas

Combining the popular Formica Envision™ and HardStop® Panels, this offering allows personalization of decorative wall protection panels for commercial settings

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada, September 27, 2021 — Formica Canada introduces its latest solution for commercial settings: Formica Envision™ HardStop® Panels, a new line of high-performance, decorative wall protection panels that allows businesses to cater to their customers and design needs with custom graphics, all with a fiberglass core for added strength, resilience and fire resistance.

“Our customers are looking for ways to personalize their businesses without compromising on protection,” said Christelle Locat-Rainville, Marketing Director for Formica Canada. “With the launch of Formica Envision™ HardStop® Panels, we’re able to help companies create signature spaces that make an impact and will look amazing for years to come.”

Users can build their own unique wall protection panel from a design, photo, logo, illustration or painting. Simply contact a local Formica Canada sales representative at the start of a project to kick off the design process and find the right fit for the space.

All this customization is possible while still providing all the resilient benefits of HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels. With easy installation, the panels can adhere directly to drywall with little preparation needed, and they keep looking their best through scratch, stain and water resistance. Thanks to their fiberglass core, the panels stand up to even the toughest threats, ensuring high impact resistance and a class A fire rating. 

The panels are perfect for a variety of vertical applications, including:

Healthcare: corridors, nurses’ stations, foyers, waiting rooms, patient rooms, labs and procedure rooms
Education: dorm rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, corridors, gyms, daycare centers and restrooms
Restaurants, supermarkets and retail: transaction counter fronts, drink stations and back-of-house prep areas
Offices: break rooms and reception areas
Airports/mass transit: wainscoting and jetways
Other: elevators, recreation vehicles, ambulances and stairwells

Formica Envision™ HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels are now available for purchase through participating distributors and retailers. Learn more at

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