FENIX® Innovative Materials Achieve Carbon Neutrality

FENIX® Innovative Materials Achieve Carbon Neutrality

FENIX meets key component of long-term sustainability strategy

CINCINNATI (January 25, 2022) — Designers who love FENIX® innovative materials for their low light reflectivity, soft touch and anti-fingerprint qualities now have a new reason to specify the Italian-designed surfaces: 

As of December 1, 2021, FENIX innovative materials for interior design are carbon neutral.

This achievement is the result of a favorable product build-up and the implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy. 

“Reducing FENIX’s carbon footprint and reaching carbon neutrality are key components of our sustainability policy,” said Alessandra Fusi, Sustainability Manager for Nemho (Next Material House), the center of excellence for innovation and technology for all Broadview Holding material companies. “We are convinced that improving our environmental footprint is not only the right thing to do, but it is also essential to the continuity of the brand.”

Becoming carbon neutral means that, based on the total quantity of square meters sold monthly, FENIX will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere through carbon offsetting projects. The selected carbon-captured projects are waste-to-energy facilities in which the methane gas released from the landfills is used to generate electricity. 

To reach carbon neutrality, all the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during the life cycle of FENIX materials—from the extraction and transport of the raw materials, though the production of FENIX and, ultimately, their disposal—have been quantified. FENIX’s carbon footprint is certified by an independent third party.

FENIX are the innovative materials created for interior design by Arpa Industriale in 2013. They arise from the Italian design tradition, reflected in the project stylistic choices: from the color selection to the overall aesthetic result of the interior applications. In May 2020, Formica Corporation announced it will market, manufacture and sell Arpa Industriale’s FENIX® innovative materials for interior design to customers and designers in North America.

About FENIX®
FENIX are the innovative materials created for interior design by Arpa Industriale. Launched in 2013 with FENIX NTM, they are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications (kitchens, bathrooms, design furniture, retail, offices, and contract). Applying proprietary technologies, FENIX materials were developed by an international multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers. FENIX has obtained numerous awards and recognitions, including: MaterialPREIS 2014, “Best Design Material” Dwell On Design 2014, ADI Design Index 2014, “Best of the Best” Interzum Award 2015, “New Product Award” Archidex 2015, 2016 ADI Compasso d'Oro Award Honourable Mention, “Best of Best” Iconic Awards 2016, Red Dot Product Design 2019, and “High Product Quality” Interzum Award 2019.

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