Canadians continue with their kitchen and bathroom renovation projects

16 months into the pandemic, 30 % of respondents will undertake work

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada, September 7, 2021 – A recent survey conducted for Formica Canada by Léger among more than 1,000 homeowners across the country about their renovation plans revealed that 16 months after the pandemic emerged, interest in renovations remains strong with more than 30 % of respondents planning to renovate their kitchen or bathroom in the next 12 months. In addition, 29 % of respondents indicate that they have plans to renovate their kitchen or bathroom, but are postponing them due to lack of funds. 

Renovations are on the mind of a majority of respondents, with only 37 % indicating that their kitchen and bathroom do not need renovations.

When renovating their kitchen, choosing the countertop is the primary focus of the project or second only to cabinet color for 55 % of respondents, while only 13 % say a renovation can be carried out without changing the countertop.

When looking for a new countertop, the top features, ranked as very important or important by 80 % or more of respondents, are, in order:
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Value for money
Stain and bacteria resistance

As for environmental sustainability, 57 % of respondents rated it as very or somewhat important, indicating a growing concern that Formica Canada is working to address, including its plan to be carbon neutral by 2030 and initiatives in Canada to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

When asked what they consider most important in terms of respecting and protecting the environment when evaluating their next kitchen countertop choice, respondents prioritize the following factors:
Non-toxic materials (67 %)
Locally manufactured materials (47 %)
Locally sourced materials (44 %)
Certified materials: GreenGuard, FSC, etc.  (44 %) 
Traceable materials (40 %)

"The results of this survey show that kitchen and bathroom renovations remain priority projects for many citizens. They also show the importance respondents place on their choice of countertop and the factors they consider important in their decisions, including the growing emphasis on the environment," said Christelle Locat-Rainville, Marketing Director for Formica Canada. "Formica Canada's products meet the needs of renovators, while respecting their requirements for quality, performance, maintenance and environmental friendliness." 

It is important to educate consumers about available surfacing products. Technological advances enable Formica to offer a wide collection of products that meet designers and house or condo owners' needs for beautiful and durable surfaces perfectly suited to their design and lifestyle requirements.

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