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The SurfaceSet® Laminate
2022 Collection

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Introducing the SurfaceSet® 2022 Collection 

Inspired by nature and the beauty of handcrafted processes, the SurfaceSet® 2022 Collection marks a new era of commercial design. Formica Corporation empowers designers with new designs to usher in a bright new future by welcoming four solid colors, six woodgrains, 10 patterns and two textures into the Formica® Laminate family.

The Collection 2022 

The DecoMetal® Laminates 2022 Collection

Meet the seven new metallics ready to add luster to innovative commercial design. These sophisticated solid metal and metal laminate surfaces display enhanced visuals and textural effects through the Patina, Linework, Rubbed and Woven series of patterns.

Explore New DecoMetal® Laminates 

Design Story: Birchbark

The new Birchbark Formica® Laminate pattern was created through the ultimate creative process: taking a walk in nature.

Design Story: Paperfold

Hand-crumpled paper became the original manuscript for the Paperfold design, available in three trend-worthy colours.

The SurfaceSet® 2022 Collection Lookbook

With twenty new designs and two new textures, this meticulously curated collection is optimistic and marks a new era of commercial design. We’re proud to empower designers with new tools to usher in a bright new future.

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