2024 Formica® Brand Specialty Collection

The New InDepth Surfacing™ and DecoMetal® Metal Laminate Collection

Innovative design for signature spaces

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The 2024 Formica® Brand Specialty Collection presents 14 contemporary looks that leverage innovative design and print technologies to explore new realms in realistic metal, wood and stone laminate.

The collection introduces a new laminate line, InDepth Surfacing™, a visually appealing high-performance surface for elevated stone and wood veneer visuals. It also features an updated DecoMetal® Metal Laminate range with the new Metallic series and expanded Rubbed Brass series.

Fresh Additions to the DecoMetal® Collection

Artistically aged and rubbed metal laminates bring the sophisticated metallic trend to life in modern as well as traditional commercial spaces.

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Introducing InDepth Surfacing™ by Formica Group

These new premium Marble, Oak and Walnut laminate décors feature a realistic matte texture with light-reflecting metallic details and elegant veneer visuals for high-end interiors.

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