HardStop® Seam Treatments

Hospital hallway 8826 Neutral Twill HardStop

HardStop® Seam Treatments

 Complete your HardStop® installation with a variety of Formica® seam treatment options.

HardStop® Panels can be installed using our selection of seam treatments. Formica Group offers a variety of anodized aluminum trims that come in four profiles for any application: Inside Corner, Outside Corner, Division Bar and End Cap. Color coordinated 100% silicone caulk can also be used.

Trim Profiles

HardStop trim colours

Available colours

All HardStop® trim profiles are available in the anodized colours shown here.
Restaurant bar 6307 Burnt Strand HardStop

ColorRite™ Inc. Caulk Matching

Formica Group has partnered with ColorRite™ Inc. to provide colour coordinated 100% silicone caulk that can also be used as seam treatments.
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Black Painted Marble

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