Choosing the Perfect Woodgrain Laminate

Woodgrain laminates are the unsung hero of décor. Playing second fiddle to the more dramatic granite and marble looks found on countertops, woodgrains tend to be used more frequently on cabinets, doors, tables and shelves. It’s time to give woodgrain laminates the credit they deserve; they look great on countertops, too!

Table top with dishes 7410 White Knotty Maple 180fx

With more than two dozen woodgrain laminates in our residential collection and nearly 100 available commercially, where do you start?

Let us help:

When deciding on which woodgrain laminate is right for you, there’s a series of three choices you need to make: Style, Colour and Texture. Let’s examine each one individually.


Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood found in nature are exactly alike. However, when scanning or recreating a wood look for laminate purposes, consistency in the design process will ensure colours and patterns remain true from one sheet to the next. Formica Group offers a number of styles for you to choose from:

Planked –Wood boards, or “planks,” laid out side by side
Rotary/Natural – A more natural “all-over” wood look, this layout can be straight grained or cathedral
Butcherblock – Strips of wood, often in different colours, bonded together form a striped or ribbon-like pattern
Herringbone – Equal rectangular pieces of wood arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern

Formica® Brand Woodgrains Laminates styles: Planked, Rotary/Natural, Butcherblock, Herringbone


After finding your woodgrain style, the next step is to find a matching colour. Light woodgrains like Planked Raw Oak or White Knotty Maple tend to be more soft and natural with a Scandinavian feel. On the other side of the spectrum, darker woods like Planked Coffee Oak can feel more moody and dramatic. 

A new addition to our woodgrain family is Smoky Planked Walnut, which emulates the process of blackening and wire-brushing a charred wood surface to reveal the clean, distinct lines of the grain. The rich, brownish-black colour melds the ancient practice of Japanese Shou sugi ban with a contemporary worldly appeal. 

Formica® Brand Woodgrains Laminates colours


Finally, no woodgrain laminate would be complete without the right texture. 

Our new Pure Grain texture offers a raw, deep texture and a matte feel. 
Woodbrush™ is a linear or rift cut grain with dense ticking that is a perfect complement to modern straight grain ash and oak 
For more refined woods, Natural Grain has a smooth low luster texture featuring a veneer-like medium pore design.
You can view a complete list of all our available textures here.

Formica® Brand Woodgrains Laminates textures: Pure Grain, Woodbrush, Natural Grain, Naturelle

By narrowing your focus on style, colour and texture, you’re sure to find the perfect woodgrain laminate for your next project.

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