Customize and Protect Walls in High-Traffic Areas

Customize and Protect Walls in High-Traffic Areas

Explore the newest options for impact-resistant surfaces that can incorporate branding and unique designs to transform commercial spaces into show-stoppers.

Formica Envision HardStop Education Seating

Personalization in Commercial Spaces

Designers are always challenged with creating distinctive commercial spaces that are both pleasing to the eye and able to stand the test of time. Sometimes this means adding a unique element that bolsters the brand in a thoughtful and innovative way. 

Branding with a Protective Boost: Formica Envision™ HardStop® Panels

Two popular Formica® Brand products have joined forces to elevate and protect high-traffic vertical surfaces: Meet Formica Envision™ HardStop® panels. This new line of high-performance wall protection panels enables you to cater to your clients’ requests with a twist. Not only can these vertical surfaces feature custom graphics, illustrations, colors and logos, but they also have a fiberglass core for added strength, resilience and fire resistance. In fact, Formica Envision™ HardStop® panels can withstand major impacts with scratch, stain and water resistance. 

Applications include:

  • Healthcare: corridors, nurses’ stations, foyers, waiting rooms, patient rooms, labs and procedure rooms
  • Education: dorm rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, corridors, gyms, daycare centers and restrooms
  • Restaurants, supermarkets and retail: transaction counter fronts, drink stations and back-of-house prep areas
  • Offices: break rooms and reception areas
  • Airports/mass transit: wainscoting and jetways
  • Other: elevators, recreation vehicles, ambulances and stairwells

Bringing Photos, Graphics and Branding to Life

High-resolution scanning and printing capabilities have opened up new avenues for creative expression in commercial spaces. In areas that call for standard impact resistance, Formica Envision™ Custom Laminate gives you complete freedom to infuse a space with durability, character and one-of-a-kind imagery. 

Formica Envision™ laminate can display precise brand coloring, logos, photos, drawings or any other type of graphic that can be reproduced in a high-resolution format. Learn how to get started on a project.

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