Three Design Trends That Inspired the New Everform™ Solid Surface Collection

Three Design Trends That Inspired the New Everform™ Solid Surface Collection

The hardworking Everform™ Solid Surface Collection, previously known as Formica® Solid Surfacing, is refreshed with eight new patterns that can be shaped into any design concept for lasting style and appeal.

Everform™: How Creativity Takes Shape

The Everform™ Solid Surface collection has it all! This renewable, hygienic and nonporous surface can be molded into almost any type of creative shape needed to bring a design concept to life. The product line even features coordinated solid surface sinks and wet walls to maintain hygiene when water is involved. 

This year, eight fresh patterns join the curated collection of 30 looks you’ve come to know and love over the years. 

Here are the three design trends that inspired us.

Trend 1: Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been one of the materials to define this decade. It utilizes a playful and expressive design style, whether it blends multiple shades or presents an impactful monochromatic. It is continually being refreshed with new, engaging patterns and colorways, and is now expanding to a mainstream level into interior decorative surfacing.

Trend 2: Micropattern

The microscale trend is key in design today. It creates an abstract motif at a consistent scale, giving the design an optical solid effect with an all-over textural feel. Fine and condensed micro-dots are used across multiple products including quartz and acrylic solid surfacing.

Trend 3: Soft and Ethereal

Soft aesthetics and a general airy atmosphere create “barely there” elusive patterns and subtle washed tones. Patterns are blurred to create a diffused and hazy effect, while sheer and semi-opaque plastics and resins have an aqueous, marbled and cloudy effect.

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