Coordinated Solutions for Your Next Project

Coordinated Solutions for Your Next Project

Is there anything more frustrating than finding the perfect colour or pattern for a project, only to find the manufacturer doesn’t offer it in the application needed? Or perhaps you’ve specified a beautiful woodgrain for a commercial counter top, but couldn't find it available in a wall protection solution. 

For architects and designers who feel décor needs to be about more than just “looking good,” Formica Group is proud to offer Formica® Coordinated Solutions – the full spectrum of Formica® Brand colours and patterns in three distinct surfaces: High Pressure Laminate, HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels, and Formica® Compact.

These three surface options fuse beautiful design with purposeful functionality, providing versatile surfacing solutions that are inspired by and adapt to the way people live, work and play. 

You no longer have to worry about mismatching patterns or colour variations between surface applications. Whether you’re looking for solid colours, patterns, woodgrains, or our industry-leading 180fx® designs, Formica Group offerings ensure the coordination of all surfaces throughout a project – exactly how you designed it.

Explore Formica® Coordinated Solutions:

Download this brochure to have the full range of solid colours, patterns and woodgrains in one handy document.


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