Fynes Designs Tackles Rental Unit with Everform™ Solid Surface

Fynes Designs Tackles Rental Unit with Everform™ Solid Surface

Designer Virginia Fynes was already planning on turning her basement into a vacation rental, but when the Jeffrey Court All-Star Renovation Challenge selected her as one of the eight designers competing for the grand prize, it upped the ante.

Virginia Fynes in pink kitchen she desgined

Renovating an unfinished basement into a vacation rental is a major undertaking but doing so in the public eye adds some extra pressure. As part of the 2020 Jeffrey Court All-Star Renovation Challenge, designer Virginia Fynes posted weekly updates and photos of her progress on her popular blog and social media channels.

“I wanted to create a space that was not only functional for guests but add a touch of luxury to their home away from home,” Fynes said. “If they are choosing to stay in our vacation rental rather than a hotel, I want to offer a unique boutique vibe.”

Balancing the popular vote in a design challenge and the long-lasting durability needs of a rental unit, Fynes turned to a counter material she knew to be both beautiful and functional: Everform® Solid Surface.

As she said in her final reveal, Fynes notes that “the solid surface countertop from Formica in Bleached Concrete is perfect for this space. Soft satin finish, muted pattern, and easily maintained.”

Whether you’re building a vacation rental in your basement or simply looking to upgrade the counters in your home or office, Find Your Perfect™ with Everform® Solid Surface.

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