Safari Condo designs ideal recreational vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts

Safari Condo designs ideal recreational vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts

Formica® brand products help create an attractive and sustainable environment

Safari Condo has manufactured motorhomes and compact camping caravans for over 25 years, currently employs 145 people, and is the largest RV manufacturer in Quebec, producing 90 Class B motorhomes and 400 caravans annually.


Thanks to the input of its R&D team, the company designs and builds ergonomic and reliable interior fittings for all its vehicles. Safari Condo vehicles offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and stand out for their huge windows and European-inspired design. Although Safari Condo doesn’t offer custom fittings, customers can choose from a wide range of products and options to further personalize vehicles, most of which are made to order.


To meet its customers' different needs, Safari Condo offers Class B motorhomes, also known as "camping vans," and caravans in various lengths.


Formica White Drops (8824) laminate table

Most of Safari Condo’s clientele consists of couples aged 45 to 70 and independent women who travel on their own. Safari Condo RV enthusiasts are active, travel often and cover more kilometres than the typical camping enthusiast. With the rise of vanlife, a growing number of young customers and digital nomads have joined the company's customer base, which hails from all over North America.

Safari Condo designs its vehicles to offer users comfort, with intelligently designed spaces and a choice of hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain materials. The company also has a range of options specifically geared to small one- or two-child families.


When Safari Condo chose design materials for the interior fitting of its vehicles, it was quickly won over by the quality and durability of Formica® products. Moreover, as the company has a local sourcing policy favouring Quebec suppliers, the provenance of the chosen products – most of which are manufactured at Formica’s Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu plant in Quebec – was a major consideration.


Safari Condo has been using Formica® brand products in its vehicles for almost 25 years and wanted to focus on high-quality materials for its outdoor vehicles, in which customers store their bikes, cross-country skis, and other equipment. Using highly resistant products was essential to ensure that the environment looked great over the long term.


The company uses a number of Formica® products for its vehicles’ countertops and storage cabinets, including Formica® laminates in Danish Maple (8906-58), Smoky Brown Pear (5488-26), MDF Solidz (7812-58) and White (949-90) for the storage cabinets, and White Drops (8824-58) and Elemental Concrete (8830-58) for the countertops.


For avid outdoor enthusiasts, RVs are the perfect tool to enjoy activities every weekend or during vacation, exploring new places with every outing. Whether for cycling, kayaking, or hiking, the vehicles designed by Safari Condo are the ideal base camp to enjoy leisure activities simply yet comfortably.


Photo credits: Stéphane Nadeau (caravan interior), Justin Muench (caravan interior) and Julien Roussin-Côté (motorhome)

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